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These are tumultuous times in Hollywood, with new revelations about one of the film industry’s worst/best kept secrets popping up at such a rate that Oliver Stone can’t keep track of how many women he’s dismissing. Along with all those disclosures, we’ve seen statements of support for the dozens of survivors who were sexually assaulted or harassed by Harvey Weinstein, as well as denunciations of the reprehensible former producer.

Now that there’s (hopefully) no chance of getting the cat back in the bag, we can expect virtually every famous person to be asked to weigh in on Weinstein’s abusive actions, whether or not they ever worked with him or one of his studios. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour posed the question to her guest Jane Fonda on her show last night, where the veteran actress dropped a bombshell of her own: She admitted she had “found out about Harvey about a year ago.”


Fonda said she was “ashamed” of herself for not speaking up about Weinstein, who has been accused of sexually assaulting or harassing 32 women, sooner. But Fonda, who has her own stories of harassment after a long career in Hollywood, said she ultimately decided not to share what Rosanna Arquette, one of Weinstein’s victims, told her at the time. “I didn’t feel it was my place,” Fonda said. She notes that she didn’t meet Weinstein until she was “older,” and [shudder] “Harvey goes for young, because that’s more vulnerable.”

The Oscar winner also discussed how “very, very common” it is to see “male entitlement” and harassment of women, noting it’s a systemic problem the world over. She also told Amanpour how fraught the decision to come forward is: “You don’t get anything out of it, as the person who’s been victimized.”

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