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Jimmy Kimmel takes one last chance to shit on Roy Moore

Throughout the course of his campaign, U.S. Senate candidate from Alabama, alleged pedophile, and sore loser Roy Moore was universally derided by the late night cognoscenti. No host, however, irked Moore more than Jimmy Kimmel, who after sending guerilla comedian Tony Barbieri to an Alabama campaign rally, was issued a challenge by Moore to face him “man to man.” Kimmel responded that he would only do so if Moore would meet him in a food court mall surrounded by high school cheerleaders. Last night, still unsure of the outcome of last night’s election, Kimmel took one last chance to laugh at the guy before the Alabama voters helped determine the trajectory of politics in a post-Trump America.

He had no shortage of material to work with either. The final week of Moore’s campaign was a glorious train wreck, from that hilariously ill-advised story about how Moore didn’t have sex with an underaged prostitute in Vietnam (even though he totally had the chance to) to CNN’s Jake Tapper literally dumbfounding a Moore spokesman with shit you learn in Law 101.


Kimmel had the most fun, however, with that footage of Moore’s wife, Kayla, claiming that she and her husband can’t be bigots because “one of our attorneys is a Jew.” Kimmel’s reply: “The only time you should be hitting ‘Jew’ that hard is when it’s followed by ‘manji.’”

“She had notes,” he continues, stricken by giggles. “That ‘Jew’ line is something she wrote down. Can you imagine what she might’ve said if she were winging it?” Although we’re sure Kimmel will take at least one more chance to torch Moore in the wake of his loss, one can only hope that this is the last we hear of the creep. Saddle up Sassy and mosey off into the sunset, Moore. Good riddance.


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