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Jon Hamm, Rashida Jones, and Rob Lowe all returning to Parks And Recreation

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We’ll be seeing more of Jon Hamm’s Ed, the most incompetent person Leslie Knope ever worked with, in the seventh and final season of Parks And Recreation. Hamm appeared in the last minute of season six’s final episode, got fired, and thanked Leslie for “the literally hundreds of opportunities” she gave him. “Goodbye, everyone!” he said cheerfully. “It’s been a great three years.”

According to showrunner Mike Schur, flashbacks to those three years will reveal what Leslie meant when she said Ed is more incompetent than even Terry (Larry Gergich, nee Jerry). “If I have my way, every episode where you see events that take place before that moment will include a shot of him doing something insanely incompetent,” he told Entertainment Weekly.


Meanwhile, TV Line also reports that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will be returning to their roles as Ann and Chris, who left Pawnee for Michigan during season six. So far they are slated to appear in just one episode.

Parks And Recreation’s final season will air in early 2015.