Kathy Griffin has declared open war on Andy Cohen and TMZ

Burning bridges with the berserker fury of a woman who’s already hoisted her enemies’ bloody, decapitated heads toward the sky (in effigy, at least), Kathy Griffin released a new video today in which she essentially declared war on both her former boss, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, and Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ. Over the course of the 17-minute video, she lobs accusations freely at both men—stating, “People like Harvey Levin and Andy Cohen, honestly just live to take women down”—and broadcasts what appears to be Levin’s personal phone number to the masses.

If nothing else, it’s fascinating to watch Griffin perform as a woman who, in her own words, is “out of fucks to give,”claiming that Cohen offered her cocaine before both of her appearances on Watch What Happens Live, and accusing Levin of being complicit in quieting scandals surrounding Harvey Weinstein (and also possibly her other old enemy, Donald Trump). Griffin names names extensively, listing off a combination of people who she views as part of the Levin/Cohen machine, and others who maybe just have slighted her over the years, before finishing with what certainly sounds like a plug for her current international stand-up tour. (Although it might just be her expressing worry that she’ll be detained after being placed on the no-fly list, because Interpol is apparently very frightened of comedians taking novelty photos of questionable taste.) It’s a fascinating, cringey watch, and it probably won’t be up on social media for super long before her very deliberate doxing of Levin gets it pulled.

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