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Kill some time and learn about pasta on Broad City’s Al Dente Dentist Tumblr

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s an established fact: Any time a made up URL is mentioned on a TV show, that TV show or network has to purchase that URL. Whether they use it is really up to them, but the policy has made for all sorts of fun web-based TV content, from Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper site to Breaking Bad’s Save Walter White. Broad City just got in on the fun with The Al Dente Dentist, Lincoln’s dental and pasta themed Tumblr from the show’s second season premiere. It’s eclectic to say the least, with recipes for spaghetti that you can share with your dog and odes to Lincoln’s number three celebrity crush, Rachael Ray, but to expect any less from the Broad City team would just be ridiculous.