Arriving amid last night's presidential debate to remind us of a time when our leaders expressed their fiery commitment in ways beyond muttering haltingly about tax rates, this new Lincoln trailer is swimming in the patriotic imagery that reminds us what we're all nitpicking for. Shots of wars both past and present, grainy photos of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a bit of the Tribute in Light—all of it, as this preview and the candidates imply, directly linked to Lincoln and his tremulous articulations against those who would resist him. Not only do we hear and see a lot more from Daniel Day-Lewis' Honestly Pissed-Off Abe than that first, far more sentimental trailer, we also get more urgent intonations from the supporting cast—Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairn, John Hawkes, and Breaking Bad's David Costabile among them, plus some more personal drama on the homefront from Sally Field. Be forewarned: Watching Day-Lewis' Lincoln drop that "I am the President of the United States of America, clothed in immense power!" bombshell will only make you more disappointed in Obama's drabness. If Lincoln could say shit like that, you couldn't at least say the words "47 percent"? Come on, man.