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Living legend Rita Moreno gets very personal to convince Netflix to order more One Day At A Time

We can now add “taking one for the team” to the various honors adorning EGOT+ winner Rita Moreno, who busted out a truly personal story on E!’s Busy Tonight today in order to sway support for another season of Netflix’s wonderful, warm, funny, and somehow not automatically renewed One Day At At Time. Curled up on the couch with host Busy Philipps, series creator Gloria Calderon Kellett, and co-star Justina Machado—all going for a genuine slumber party vibe—Moreno told the story of getting her Kennedy Center Honor, one of the most prestigious awards in the American arts, and also the place where Rita Moreno once peed her pants.


Okay, so technically, Moreno’s incident occurred the night before, at the traditional State Department dinner that precedes the awards. The pee thing totally happened, though, after an enthusiastic fan apparently got a little too enthusiastic in hugging his personal hero. The whole story is only made that little bit more amazing by Machado, whose mind goes to some truly filthy places over the course of the above clip.

Moreno outing herself wasn’t Busy Tonight’s only salvo in the effort to get Netflix’s head out of its ass re: this show: Philipps also commissioned a plane to pass over the streaming (heh) service’s offices, flying a banner demanding that the series be renewed.

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