Provided The Killing has not preemptively dashed your interest in any more bleak cop dramas from AMC—bleak cop dramas in which people are drowned in cars, no less—here's the trailer for AMC’s upcoming bleak cop drama Low Winter Sun, in which people are drowned in cars. Specifically a Detroit detective, whose watery murder at the hands of two fellow officers is at least the second or third darkest thing to happen in Detroit that day, and leads to what appears to be a season- or even series-long investigation, as the officers in question grapple with whether what they’ve done makes them bad guys. (Mostly by insisting, aloud and repeatedly, that they’re not.) Anyway, in addition to continuing AMC’s fascination with morally gray leading men, this show might also fill the “badass bald cop being hunted by Internal Affairs” hole left in you by The Shield.