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Man denied a marriage license by Kim Davis is now coming for her job

Kim Davis, refusing to let people get married. (Photo: Getty Images, Ty Wright)

Trump may get most of the attention these days, but he’s far from the first politician to value hateful prejudices over the rule of law. In fact, some people today might not even remember the saga of Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky who was briefly jailed in 2015 because she ignored the Supreme Court ruling and refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Then, after some kind of homophobia rally to celebrate Davis’ disgusting intolerance, Mike Huckabee was hit with a $25,000 fine for playing “Eye Of The Tiger” without permission from Survivor. It was all stupid and annoying, but it was a nice preview for how politics work now in the Trump administration.

Anyway, Davis is back in the news, but this time it’s not because a bunch of idiots are celebrating her bad views, it’s because a man named David Ermold who was denied a marriage license by her has announced that he’s going to run against Davis in 2018. This comes from The Lexington Herald Leader (via The Hill), which says Ermold simply went to a different county to marry his partner, but now he’s taking on Davis to “restore the confidence of the people” in the county clerk’s office.


Davis’ bigotry aside, Ermold also seems to take issue with the fact that her predecessor was her mother and that her son also works in the office, meaning the same family has controlled the clerk’s office for 35 years. Ermold also notes that she recently spoke in Romania in an attempt to convince the country to outlaw gay marriage, saying she’s bringing too much politics to the job.

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