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Disney’s Zootopia was a hit earlier this year, and while it did have talking animals and a touching story, not nearly enough of those animals were bored housewives who dreamed of being singers. Also, very few were troubled youths who wanted to break away from their criminal past to become professional musicians. In fact, Zootopia didn’t have a single koala bear voiced by Matthew McConaughey who thought he could get rich with an American Idol-style singing competition in 2016, long after the singing competition trend peaked.

Luckily, Disney’s loss is Illumination’s gain, as the studio behind Minions has just released a new trailer for Sing, an animal-based animated movie about a pig lady who wants to be a singer, a gorilla boy who also wants to be a singer, and a koala bear who wants to make people into singers. It’s a pretty narrow focus as far as movies like this go these days, but it’s colorful, it has toy-friendly animal characters, and there are a bunch of popular songs (or at least popular as of a few years ago), so it’ll probably be a reasonably sized hit.


Sing will be in theaters in December.

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