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Michael Bay to go underground and blow up more robots in his next 2 movies

Photo: Timothy Hiatt (Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Unfortunately for anyone who was looking forward to seeing Michael Bay finally embrace the superhero genre with a movie about Lobo, DC Comics’ main man and the perfect character for Bay’s explosive sensibilities, Deadline says he has already lined up his next two movies—and neither of them are related to Lobo. One of the movies is called 6 Underground (or maybe Six Underground), and it’s apparently an “original idea” from Deadpool writers Rehtt Reese and Paul Wernick. We don’t know anything about its plot, but maybe it’ll be about six people who are underground. Bay will need to add some explosions and lovingly crafted advertisements for the U.S. military, but he can make that work.

The other project is reportedly Robopocalypse, an adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s book of the same name. Steven Spielberg had been attached to that movie in 2010, though it fell apart way back in 2013, and Deadline says he’s in talks with Bay about handing over Robopocalypse. As indicated by the name, Robopocalypse is wholly unique idea about robots trying to wipe out humanity and the small band of survivors who have to fight them off. (Any implied commentary on Bay’s strained relationship with the Transformers movies is probably coincidental.)


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