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Morgan Spurlock made an hourlong mockumentary about "Homer At The Bat"

(Screenshot: Simpsons World/FXX)

Among the pantheon of truly great classic Simpsons episodes, season three’s “Homer At The Bat” stands somewhere right smack in the center (on the strength of Ken Griffey Jr.’s swollen skull and the sight of Ozzie Smith falling into the Springfield Mystery Spot, if nothing else.) Earlier this year, the episode was recognized for its contribution to TV and sports when Homer Simpson was “inducted” into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame, honoring his on-field prowess (i.e., allowing the game-winning run to be walked in by taking a ball to the head).


Now, “Homer At The Bat” is getting some recognition of a different sort; according to Entertainment Weekly, documentarian/chicken advocate Morgan Spurlock has made a new hourlong special about the episode, titled Springfield Of Dreams, and complete with interviews with many of the players who participated. (Not to mention in-universe appearances from Carl, Comic Book Guy, and Homer himself.) You can see a clip of the Ken Burns-mocking spectacular, discussing the origins of Homer’s fabled “Wonder Bat” above; the full thing will air in the middle of Fox’s regular baseball schedule this Sunday.

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