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Mr. Marbles lives in a horror game that combines P.T. and Seinfeld

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Mainstream video game creators, always worried about dumb stuff like “not infringing on copyright and getting sued for millions of dollars,” are too cowardly to give the people what they want. Fortunately, small teams are always willing to step up where the big companies fail, providing players with the ability to, say, murder online opponents as Baby Yoda or play a version of Doom where every sound effect and environmental detail is replaced by Tim Allen grunts. It’s within this same spirit that Sinfeld Chronicles, a horror game set in Jerry Seinfeld’s sitcom apartment, has been made.

Spotted on Twitter by Dom Nero, Sinfeld casts players as Donathan, Jerry’s nephew who’s come to his uncle’s empty apartment only to find himself hunted by Kramer’s ventriloquist dummy, Mr. Marbles.

The tone of the thing is unreal, combining the potent dread of horror game P.T. with the dopey comedy of something like Soda Drinker Pro. An aimless bass line slaps along as Donathan explores a faithful 3D recreation of his uncle’s apartment, his internal monologue asking questions like “when Uncle Jerry’s gonna come home and cook me some din-din?” Before long, poor Donathan has gone over to Kramer’s apartment (complete with talk show set) and found himself set upon by Mr. Marbles. A video showing off the most recent Sinfeld update includes the roof being ripped off by a towering model of Seinfeld in a sweater vest and a visit outside to see the restaurant “where Jerry and his friends would go and drink coffee and talk about nothing and whatever.”

It was created by Rare Bird Interactive, a two-person team consisting of brothers Austin and Colton Stock, who are making their magnum opus in PlayStation 4 release Dreams’ game-creation tools. According to their Patreon, the Seinfeld horror game is just one part of a larger project meant to bring “other New York-based [intellectual property” like Ghostbusters and Moonstruck into a “hub world” that will eventually allow for stuff like a multiplayer death match “Counter-Strike clone where [one] team is in Jerry’s apartment and the other is in the [Friends] cafe.”


While we wait for this vision to become reality, anyone who owns a copy of Dreams can content themselves by living out just the Sinfeld Chronicles nightmare level by heading over to this link.

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