I've never really understood the point of the We Network. There's already Lifetime, Oxygen, and Lifetime Movie Network. What "women's entertainment" could possibly be left over to fill an entire other channel? Well, there's a dramatic, over-the-top, and probably rigged Mrs. World beauty pageant in St. Petersburg, Russia hosted a possibly drunk Alan Thicke. What? Yes.

In a scant 8 minutes, this video clip combines so many ridiculous pageant elements, MTV is right now at this moment trying to come up with a way to weave them into a new horrible "documentary" show called Mrs. Tiara. Here are a few highlights: —Alan Thicke slurring his way through his hosting duties —Crowning of the wrong woman, as the real winner glares at her —The stripping of the crown from the wrong woman —A stilted re-shoot of the crowning ceremony —Backstage bitchiness, with accents! —General Russian ostentation in the form of music, and a winged child descending from the ceiling. Twice. It's hilarious. I'm going to have to start watching We more often.