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MTV Gives You The Teen Wolf Show You Never Wanted

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Following in the footsteps of such successful MTV original scripted shows like 2ge+her, and Joe's Apartment (aka The Roaches Are Talking), MTV has decided to update Teen Wolf for today's teens by making it into an MTV horror/romance series that will be at least as memorable as Undressed.

From Variety:

MTV is also pondering a reinvention of '80s film "Teen Wolf" in series format, with a greater emphasis on romance, horror and werewolf mythology.

Yes! More werewolf mythology. That's what every teen supernatural comedy needs. Just think of how much better the original film would have been if, instead of being a comedy about a high school kid who discovers he's from a family of werewolves and uses his wolf skills to become a totally great basketball player, the movie were an overwrought horror/romance that also delves into the history of lycanthropy.


So basically MTV's Teen Wolf: The Series isn't Teen Wolf at all, but more like Twilight without all the vampires. Will the Wolfteen in question be wearing a purity ring?

As the New Moon trailer taught us, when it comes to teen werewolves, it's really much better to embrace the ridiculousness and aim for comedy—because even if you aim for drama you'll end up with comedy (and a giant CGI husky) anyway.


Also, MTV knows that Teen Wolf: The Series basically already happened, right?  So they're "reinventing" Big Wolf On Campus:

In MTV's version, all those cheesy camera twists will be replaced with scenes from werewolf folklore.