(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

As vocal critics of Donald Trump, we’re normally pretty happy to see celebrities throw their creativity and clout behind projects mocking our current president, whether in the form of jokes, music, or episodes of TV. But just in case we needed a reminder that every rule has its limits, Business Insider piped up today to announce that Morning Joe star—and hard-rocking, soulful guitarist—Joe Scarborough will be sticking it to the president in his own very distinctive style this week, with the release of his Christmas-themed rock EP, A Very Drumpf Christmas.

Tragically, the MSNBC star only saw fit to gift an advance copy of the album to Business Insider, so we just have to imagine the sonic-experience contained behind its “Trump-as-The Grinch” album art. According to BI, the big hit on the album is certain to be “The Drumpf,” a “jazzy, ballad-tempo cut seemingly indebted to ‘You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,’” complete with at least one super-timely Anthony Scaramucci joke, and lyrics like “Oh you can save our Christmas from going kerplumf, from that orange creep that children call the Drumpf?” (It was a long walk to “kerplumf,” Joe, but damn if you didn’t take it.)


It’s not clear if the other two songs on the EP—“Christmastime” and “This Christmas It’s You & Me”—are similarly Trump themed, but if Scarborough’s looking for suggestions for more Donald-based carols, we’d be happy to help him out. There’s always “Trumpin’ Around The Christmas Trump,” after all, or “The Little Drummer Trump.” Or that old Christmas standard, “Steve Bannon, The Red-Nosed White Supremacist.” (Now that we think about it, where’s good old Mark Russell with a Trump-themed PBS Christmas special when you really need him, huh?)