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If we ever put the internet on trial, the tendency of online brands to attempt to co-opt pop culture—like body-snatching aliens moving their mouths in a vague approximation of human speech—will be one of the very first bits of evidence presented before the grand tribunal. Case in point: A tweet thread that broke out today between the Twitter account for the ESRB—the governing body that determines content ratings for video games—and a number of major game publishers who someone—and we’re not naming names—apparently taught about dabbing. The result (besides being a celebration of the concept of pointing your arm off to the side while hiding your eyes, presumably in shame) gave a pretty good vision of what the internet will look like after humanity offs itself, and Twitter PR bots are the only things left on Earth.

Get equipped with Meme Buster, indeed, official Twitter account for the mostly moribund Mega Man series. Use it to blast this all away, before it’s too late, and Gex and Crash Bandicoot arrive to Gangnam Style the last of our hopes and dreams into the toilet once and finally for all.


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