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Our rich friend George Clooney is developing a Watergate miniseries for Netflix

(Photo: Getty Images, Kevin Winter)

According to Variety, our very generous and wealthy friend George Clooney is developing a limited series for Netflix about the Watergate scandal alongside Matt Charman and Grant Heslov. The streaming service hasn’t officially picked it up, but the plan is for the show to tell the stories of “certain key figures” in the saga—including, presumably, President Richard Nixon. The Variety story doesn’t mention Watergate having any interesting parallels with anything happening in politics today, so we’re just going to assume this is an evergreen story that isn’t being told for any particular reason.

Charman is a co-writer on Steven Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies, and Heslov also recently teamed with Clooney to develop a Catch-22 adaptation. If Netflix picks up this Watergate project, Clooney might direct some of the episodes. That and Catch-22 should keep him pretty busy, but hopefully he’ll find time to respond to our repeated attempts to be his new best friend.


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