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David Bazan (Photo: Dana Nalbandian/Getty Images)

Eleven years after amicably splitting, downbeat indie rock band Pedro The Lion is getting back together, with frontman (and prolific solo artist) David Bazan announcing the news today. This incarnation of the band—which always had a rotating roster built around Bazan—will feature returning bassist Jonathan Ford, as well as newcomers Erik Walters on guitar and Sean Lane on drums. The band will play a handful of shows in the Pacific Northwest this December, including in Portland and its native Seattle.


The original incarnation of Pedro The Lion was notable for being the rare Christian indie band (albeit one whose members didn’t loudly or aggressively trumpet their faith). Bazan’s solo work has seen him step back from religion; it’ll be interesting to see how that shift in his beliefs will affect Pedro’s return.

[via Pitchfork]


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