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Pinegrove cancels tour as frontman, Evan Stephens Hall, is accused of sexual coercion

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Panorama

As more and more people get called out for inappropriate, abusive behavior in their past, Pinegrove frontman Evan Stephens Hall has decided to issue a response to allegations of misconduct against him as soon as they were brought to his attention rather than wait until the backlash had begun to swell. In a post on the band’s Facebook page, Hall said that he has been accused of sexual coercion, saying that he now realizes he abused his power as a member of the band by partaking in “flirtatious” and “intimate” encounters with fans. “I’ve reached the conclusion now that that’s not ever appropriate,” Hall writes, “even if they initiate it. There will always be an unfair power dynamic at play in these situations and it’s not ok for me to ignore that.”

Along with Hall’s statement, Pinegrove has announced it is canceling the rest of its ongoing tour, with Hall adding that the band is “taking some time off in general.” You can read his full statement below.


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