Primo | All New Series | Coming May 19

Serrano has carefully built a wry love letter to his upbringing, turning what surely felt like nagging family obligations into sitcom-ready plots and concocting a comfort watch that puts a Mexican-American family front and center along the way. What shines through, whether in quick gag jokes about “WAP walls” and farce-focused set-pieces on inedible-sounding Mexican food, is a commitment to finding humor in earnestness. Drea and her brothers are all intent on helping Rafa succeed (even if they flub it most of the time), and much of the comedy depends on their cluelessness. But there’s an empathetic portrait here being sketched of a working family trying their best—quite literally borrowing and bartering to celebrate any and all of primo’s successes. In that sense, Primo is a fresh and welcome new entry into a well-worn genre that reminds us that home is where the humor is.

Primo premieres May 19 on Freevee