Because she has the killer event-planning instincts of a club promoter for Shadowz (Tampa's #1 Bachelorette party venue), Ashlee Simpson decided to throw herself an 80s prom party for her 23rd birthday.

Obviously, the Prom King/Queen vote was rigged.

And because he's Pete Wentz, Simpson's boyfriend Pete Wentz eschewed the usual flowers or thoughtful card, and gave her a particularly Wentz-ian gift for her birthday: Common courtesy. From People:

As A gift to Simpson, Wentz vowed to ignore his cell phone for the entire day. "It's a big deal!" Wentz told PEOPLE the next night. "I'm really attached to it."


Here's a list of other birthday gifts Wentz considered giving his (admittedly highly irritating) girlfriend:

—The gift of laughter

—Tolerance for all of her "ideas."

—Thirty seconds of his undivided attention

—An adorable, home-made coupon for one insult-free conversation

—A photograph of his perfectly-lined eyes in a frame that reads "I'm Watching U."


—Unlimited free buffalo wings at any particpating Angels & Kings location

—The ultimate Avril Lavigne mix

—An evening of looking at her while she's talking

—Several beautifully-phrased, empty promises

—Free lessons on how to be a better girlfriend

—A smile, every now and then