Promising the most heartwarming tale of an old man and his mechanical servant since Burt Young and his robot butler in Rocky IV, here's the first trailer for Sundance hit Robot And Frank, in which Frank Langella makes unlikely friends with his Peter Sarsgaard-voiced automaton. After Langella's son James Marsden introduces him to a live-in, Asimo-esque assistant, the film starts out like nearly every other Odd Couple comedy—grumbling about food, grumbling about chores, other grumbling as needed—until Langella has the bright idea to involve his robot in reviving his career as a jewel thief. And that larceny, combined with his list for Susan Sarandon's local librarian, reenergizes Frank, as it has so many a non-mechanical man. (Should the film prove big enough to spawn merchandising, by the way, look for a talking Robot replica that says, "It's time for your enema." We will be! We're always losing track of our enema schedule! Make robots already!)