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Ruth Bader Ginsburg kicks ass and does push-ups in this trailer for documentary RBG

Is it possible for a documentary to feel exactly like one of those crowd-pleasing superhero movies where a beloved and iconic character beats up the bad guys, drops cool one-liners, and makes the world a better/cooler place in the process? It definitely is, because that seems to be the basic setup of RBG, a documentary made by Betsy West and Julie Cohen about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Based on this trailer, it seems like the film will cover both Ginsburg’s life story and her more recent status as a proper pop culture icon, with a press release explaining that the filmmakers wanted to make up for the fact that there wasn’t a “definitive Ginsburg biography.”

The documentary will feature interviews with Ginsburg herself, as well as Gloria Steinem and Nina Totenberg. It’ll be released on May 4, which is also Star Wars day, so that should provide some fun cosplay mash-up opportunities.

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