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Screaming Females guitarist Marissa Paternoster in action. (Photo:Rick Kern /Getty Images)

Attention, fans of blisteringly badass guitar rock who also happen to live in New Jersey: Screaming Females, the power trio led by guitar goddess (and, it should be noted, proficient screamer) Marissa Paternoster, is releasing a new 7" called “Black Moon.” But there’s a catch: the record is being released in an extremely limited edition of 24 copies, all of which are are behind the counter at one store. That would Screaming Females’ hometown record store of Spina Records in Brunswick, New Jersey, which posted the following on Facebook last night:

Special Announcement! Brand new SCREAMING FEMALES single “Black Moon” will be available only at Spina Records in New Brunswick NJ tomorrow starting at 12pm - this is a extremely limited pressing of 24 copies, not available anywhere else ! You must come into the store to purchase // no holds, no online orders, one per person. Once they’re gone, that’s it! $10 each


Sales of the 7" started about 45 minutes ago, so we’re guessing they’re probably all gone by now. A press release highlighting WXPN’s coverage of the 7" promises “more info from Screaming Females coming soon,” so hopefully us non-Garden Staters will get our chance soon enough. And for Christ’s sake, if you did get a copy—don’t put it on eBay, okay?

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