(Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Presumably sick of all those “Sean Bean always dies” jokes that have slowly but surely become the sole legacy of a well-respected acting career, actor Sean Bean now appears to be just blatantly throwing himself into situations where his character almost certainly won’t survive. Deadline reports that Bean has just signed on for a new TV series about a postapocalyptic, “furious, illegal night-time street race,” which Sky TV has, for some reason, seen fit to name Curfew, and not, like, London Death Race, or MurderCars, or any number of more exciting things.

Bean will star in the series alongside Roots’ Malachi Kirby, rubbing paint in a bloodthirsty competition where “contestants race through the night from London to Scotland in their “pimped-out” vehicles to win the ultimate prize—freedom from the totalitarian government curfew that controls their lives.” (And, okay, now the name makes sense, but that still doesn’t mean that it’s better than Tires Of Blood or Engines Of Destruction or CarFighters 2018.) The eight-part series comes courtesy of Peaky Blinders producer Matthew Read, with one of that show’s regular contributors, Colm McCarthy, handling direction duties.