After making the rounds at festivals all across the country (most notably at Sundance, where it won an audience award), Mike Birbiglia’s one-man show-turned-book-turned-movie, Sleepwalk With Me, finally has a trailer. The film tells the true story of a time in Birbiglia’s life when he was trying to establish himself as a comedian, figure out what he wanted from his long-term relationship, and come to grips with his pesky (and potentially dangerous) somnambulism. In addition to screen veterans Carol Kane and James Rebhorn in the roles of Birbiglia's parents and Lauren Ambrose as his girlfriend, Sleepwalk With Me also features an impressive list of comedians in roles of varying significance, including Marc Maron, Kristen Schaal, Hannibal Buress, Henry Phillips, Wyatt Cenac, and Amy Schumer. The film will have a limited theatrical release starting August 24.