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SNL host Sam Rockwell dances through a musical tribute to fellow character actor Stanley Tucci

Pete Davidson, Sam Rockwell (Screenshot: NBC)
Pete Davidson, Sam Rockwell (Screenshot: NBC)

Character actor all-star and recent Golden Globe winner Sam Rockwell’s first Saturday Night Live hosting gig saw the notoriously limber actor showing off his joyously smooth dance moves in the monologue musical number. It also saw him drop another in SNL’s long and infamous history of accidental f-bombs, which, along with Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost’s more deliberate use of a particular presidential profanity, will no doubt cost Lorne Michaels and NBC some cash. But, in an otherwise disappointing episode, at least we got a second helping of Rockwell’s hoofing prowess in “Tucci Gang,” an improbably catchy rap ode to fellow go-to character man, Stanley Tucci.

As cast member Pete Davidson rapped out his love for “The Tooch”’s entire filmography (“The Devil Wears Prada was sick!,” proclaims Davidson’s Li’l Pump), Rockwell, decked out in Tucci-esque bald pate and natty glasses, dazzles with his 49-year-old physical chops. And while we’ll never get to see Tucci as Dr. Strange (his Marvel cred limited to that kindly doctor who gave Steve Rogers his powers), at least he’ll always be that guy from the Hunger Games, that guy from that Transformers movie, that guy who’s worked a few times with Meryl Streep, and that guy who co-wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in the sublime Big Night. Even Li’l Pump loves Big Night.


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