Photo: Paul Zimmerman (Getty Images for HBO)

Various filmmakers have attempted to film adaptations of Charles Burns’ award-winning comic book series Black Hole since at least 2005, with David Fincher putting forward a serious attempt in 2008 that would’ve used a new draft of a script originally written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary. That never happened, but Fincher was still interested in making the movie happen in 2013. That also never happened, and now it looks like Fincher has missed his chance.

According to Variety, Dope director Rick Famuyiwa has now signed on to write and direct the adaptation of Black Hole, with Brad Pitt’s Plan B set to produce. This will be Famuyiwa’s second feature directing gig since dropping out of The Flash, and the second that’s also adapted from a graphic novel—with the other being Son Of Shaolin, which he was attached to last year. Black Hole, for anyone who missed it, centers on a group of teens in the ‘70s who contract a mysterious STD that causes grotesque mutations.