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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

The nation is already falling all over itself to collect stickers they can then post pictures of to their Facebook pages (and also something something democratic process), but as far as South Park is concerned, the election is in the bag for Obama, so maybe just chill and go get some different stickers. Tomorrow night's episode is titled "Obama Wins!" and, as you can see from the above preview, it seems to involve some sort of election scheme involving Cartman and an awful lot of purloined ballots, one that presumably leads to another Obama victory.

It's the second time the series has been pretty confident about an election's outcome, after 2008's "About Last Night" accurately predicted (with only a few last-minute additions) a win for Obama, that a lot of people would get drunk and be obnoxious about it, and that the entire contest was just a ruse for McCain and Obama to steal the Hope Diamond. Judging from its title, "Obama Wins!" once more goes out on that limb—though of course, there's always the possibility that what Obama "wins" isn't necessarily the election, or that the direction of our nation isn't always decided by South Park. But if you do believe in South Park, you could probably just watch Sons Of Anarchy and maybe play with your new stickers.


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