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As far as supervillains go, Green Goblin is kind of a dick. His big aspiration isn't world domination or fabulous riches. Nope, he's content to just harass and annoy Spider-Man, threatening the lives of all New Yorkers in the process.


Well, it must be Thursday, because Green Goblin has set up a Super Bomb at the top of a skyscraper. As Spider-Man, your goal is to climb the building and defuse the bomb before it goes off, so you can save the city and get back to pining for Mary Jane, who isn't going to give it up until Spider-Man Annual #21 in 1987.

Gameplay: To get to the top of the building, you'll shoot out webs and swing your way up, up, up, past Green Goblin's criminal lackeys and onto the electrical tower at the top. There, Green Goblin has set up several mundane non-super bombs that must be avoided or defused before you can make your run at the Super Bomb.

Web-slinging is a tricky business: You have a limited supply, and if they land in any open space, like a window, or if your web crosses one of the criminals or touches a bomb, you'll lose your grip and fall toward the street below. If you can't suppress your terror long enough to quickly throw out a new web, you'll plummet to your death.

Could be mistaken for: Crazy Climber

Kids today might not like it because: There's no Custer's Revenge-style rainy-night makeout scene with Mary Jane.

Kids today might like it because: Unlike its PlayStation 2 namesake, this Spider-Man is just challenging enough to be fun and not frustrating.

Enduring contribution to gaming history: Inspired by the Green Goblin's success in Spider-Man, Zero Wing set up us the bomb in 1989, and a generation of gamers ordered the operator to "take off all Zig for great justice."


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