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Spotify made 17 podcast playlists to help you find those murder stories you like so much

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It’s reassuring to see everyone pull together during a time of crisis, whether they’re planning online events for charity or simply dishing out a ton of free content to ease the cabin fever. Some platforms have even gotten into creating playlists, which can certainly help pass the time. Spotify has joined the cause by putting together 17 playlists for users to puruse. But don’t look for anything titled “Beachy Pop Hits” or “1992 Quiet Storm Slow Jams” (which would be awesome, actually). Think more along the lines of “Crime Scene” or “Film Buffs Endlessly Praising Florence Pugh” or whatever the kids are listening to these days. Point is, the playlists strictly include podcasts, per USA Today.


The new playlists, which include three flagship lists, are meant to streamline the process of finding a new podcast during a time when when lots of people are itching for new stories to devour. Spotify has grouped the shows by categories such as “Brain Snacks” (description: “Nibble on this clever blend of short podcasts that’ll make you smarter”), the aforementioned and very real “Crime Scene,” and “LGBTQ+ Voices.” Manually curated by Spotify’s podcast-lovin’ staff, the playlists are updated regularly with new favorites. Per USA Today, Spotify hopes that the new initiative will alleviate the “podcast discoverability problem,” as most podcast platforms fail to provide an efficient method of finding new content within specific genres. The lists are now live and available with a free subscription. Check out the categories below.


Best Podcasts of the Week: A weekly collection of the latest must-hear episodes. Picked fresh every Tuesday.
Crime Scene: Dive into these gruesomely popular true crime podcasts. Updates every Tuesday.
Brain Snacks: Learn something new in the time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Updates every other Thursday.


Murder Monday: Binge our freshest crop of bone-chilling murder stories. Updates every Monday.
Who Run the World?: Stories of inspiring women lifting each other up and changing the world. Updates once a month.
This Week in Hollywood: The latest celebrity news, pop culture and entertainment news. Updates every Friday.
Family-Friendly Fun: Fun, educational podcasts for the entire family. Updates monthly.
Latinx & Proud: Check out the latest Latinx stories from your favorite creators and cultural commentators. Updates twice a month.
Talk Flirty to Me: From ghosting to great loves, these pods will get you through dating’s wild ups-and-downs. Updates twice a month.
Fodder for Foodies: The full menu of tales and conversation from the world of food. Updates once a month.
LGBTQ+ Voices: Stories and interviews behind the lives of a thriving LGBTQ+ community. Updates every other Thursday.
Unsolved Crimes & Mysteries: Hair-raising stories of haunted places, inexplicable disappearances, and murder cases gone cold. Updates twice a month.
Climate Crisis: Thought-provoking conversations and stories about the world’s fight against climate change. Updates once a month.
Real People, Real Stories: Gripping personal stories about everyday life that you’ll want to hear. Updates once a month.
Let’s Talk Women in Hip Hop: Hear from the women creating and redefining hip hop culture. Updates every two months.
Stay in the Know: Smart, engaging podcasts that go beyond just the headlines. Updates every Tuesday.
100% Celebrity Interviews: Your favorite celebrities get candid about their careers, relationships, and so much more. Updates once a month.