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Spy Kids 4 will smell like a dirty diaper

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Should the spectacle of 3-D, Ricky Gervais-voiced dogs pooping bombs, and the sight of Joel McHale dramatically contorting himself to maintain an air of snarky cool in a goofy children’s movie not be enough to attract you to Spy Kids 4, director Robert Rodriguez has one more trick up his sleeve: the chance to immerse yourself in the artificial smell of a dirty diaper, an added dimension that is both a literal and symbolic representation of modern movie gimmickry. After revealing to the Los Angeles Times that he was inspired to make the film’s recently announced addition of Aroma-Scope “after catching a whiff of the diaper of star Jessica Alba’s baby,” Rodriguez also confirmed that he translated the experience to the scratch-and-sniff cards handed out to audience members at each screening—you know, for kids. “Originally, we didn't have any really rancid smells, but kids wanted something really stinky in there," Rodriguez told The Huffington Post, adding, "It really doesn't smell that bad. No one's going to get sick in the theater." <——New poster tagline.