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Stand-up comic Shane Torres, of Guy Fieri defense fame, has a new album coming out

(Photos: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images, Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Last month, we reported on a spirited, funny defense of celebrity chef/philanthropist/punching bag Guy Fieri, courtesy of stand-up comic Shane Torres. (Fun fact: The viral clip led to an exchange between Torres and Fieri on Twitter, and one of the chef’s restaurants now has a burger named after Torres’ bit.)


If you listened to Torres’ piece on Fieri—a call for empathy for a man whose only real sin is being relentlessly cheerful, helping people, and looking like the clown who hangs out outside the Ed Hardy store—and enjoyed it, you’re in luck, because there’s more of Torres’ wit on the way. Comedy Central Records has just announced the launch of the comedian’s first album, Established 1981, out on September 8.

You can hear a new excerpt from the album—in which Torres recounts a particularly impressive fall-back position for a fired waiter—below, and pre-order the album right here.

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