First announced under the title Medallion, this new Nicolas Cage thriller—in which he must use his certain set of skills to retrieve his kidnapped daughter—has been renamed Stolen, because there's some admirable chutzpah in just admitting that it wants to be Taken, we guess. The familiarity doesn't stop there: Other than giving him another memorable scene with a stuffed animal, reuniting with his Con Air director Simon West doesn't do much to differentiate Stolen from a host of recent Nicolas Cage thrillers, or even real-life Nicolas Cage incidents in which Nicolas Cage wears a lot of black and is chased through the streets of New Orleans—particularly given the regrettable choice to have Cage take the "straight" role, and ask Josh Lucas to pull off the "crazy villain with the ridiculous wig." If only West had had the guts to let Cage play both parts, this maybe could have been something special. ("Nicolas Cage… in a race against time to stop… Nicolas Cage.") Instead, Stolen looks as generic and second-rate as this trailer's VHS-era voiceover.