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The A.V. Club Twitch is diving into the monochromatic horror of Mundaun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Probably fine.
Probably fine.
Image: Hidden Fields

We’ve been fascinated by the look of Hidden Fields’s Mundaun ever since the folk-horror game was announced 8 months ago, sporting a pencil-sketched aesthetic, a lot of very moody villagers, and a whole host of scarecrow monsters that don’t look any less terrifying for being made of straw. Now that the game’s finally out, we’ve been excited to dig into its take on Seventh Seal-y misery, even if we’re not as wild about the potential to be taken apart by bees like that poor dope in the game’s trailer.

To celebrate the release, we’re going to be playing through the opening hour or so of Mundaun on our weekly Twitch stream today, seeing how far we can get before the deadly Scarecrow-Bee Consortium comes for us. You can check out the stream over at twitch.tv/AVClubTwitch; we’ll be going live at 2 p.m. Central today.