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The Chainsmokers apologize for joking about Chinese people eating dogs

(Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

The Chainsmokers—apparently sensing that they really didn’t need to give the internet any more reasons to burn them in effigy—have issued an apology for a joke made by member Alex Pall this week, in which he referenced persistent stereotypes about people eating dogs in China. Pall made the joke—which, true to brand, came off as an indistinguishable pastiche of the laziest trends of older, more successful humor— during an interview which has since been pulled. (You can watch a repost of it below, though.)


Pall joked that he wished he could bring his dog with him on tour, but added, “Well, I don’t know if I’d bring her to China.” (Cue slightly embarassed mugging from everyone else in the room.) The band later issued a mumbled half-apology via Twitter, albeit with a reminder that there are at least some Chinese communities that still view dogs as food animals, and pointing fans toward a petition to stop the controversial Yulin Lychee And Dog Meat Festival.

[via The Daily Dot]

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