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The Cleveland Show renewed for third season

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In news that already has our own “Animation Domination” reviewer Todd VanDerWerff sharpening up his “C-” pencil, The Cleveland Show has been renewed for a third season, ensuring a bare minimum of two more years of Seth MacFarlane absolutely owning your Sunday. (As you may or may not recall, the second season was picked up before the show even premièred, after Fox executives found themselves lulled into complacency by MacFarlane’s dreamy baritone. And who can blame them? You could put some throw pillows in that thing and take one hell of a nap.) And hey look, Fox did that adorable thing again where they provide quotes from works of fiction as if they’re real people: “'Looks like somebody's gettin' some new rims for his Big Wheel! Many thanks to the handsome decision makers at FOX,' said Rallo Tubbs.” Ha ha, it’s funny because he’s a poorly developed character.