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The CW is moving forward with Ruby Rose's Batwoman spin-off pilot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This year’s big CW superhero crossover event was a weird one, with Oliver from Arrow becoming the Flash and Barry from The Flash becoming the Green Arrow in a reality-bending fight against a madman with a magic book and The Monitor from Crisis On Infinite Earths, but one comparatively grounded highlight was the debut of both Gotham City and its iconic bat-themed protector. No, not Batman (as he hasn’t been seen since around the same time Bruce Wayne mysteriously disappeared in this universe), but actually Batwoman, a.k.a. Kate Kane. Ruby Rose’s Batwoman only appeared in a few scenes, but she looked like she was straight out of the comics, shared some playful banter with Supergirl, and generally proved that she fits in perfectly with the rest of the Arrowverse gang.

Months before the crossover actually aired, The CW was so confident that Rose’s Batwoman would be a hit that it began developing a potential live-action spin-off centered around her, and now Variety is reporting that the network is actually moving forward with a Batwoman pilot. According to Variety, the pilot is being written by Vampire Diaries veteran Caroline Dries (who also wrote the story for the aforementioned crossover), with David Nutter set to direct. The project is naturally being overseen by Arrow mastermind and general king of TV Greg Berlanti, so if it gets picked up to series, it’ll further secure his current standing as the most prolific TV producer of all time. It would also be cool to get a Batwoman show in general, seeing as how she’s one of DC’s most high-profile gay superheroes.