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Did anyone else watch the Emmys last night?

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I watched for Conan, who didn't disappoint––any reference to

To Catch A Predator is welcome, and Bob Newhart is the perfect person to put in a glass case––but as the night droned on and on, I found myself watching for a totally different reason. Namely, to witness the Emmys prove their irrelevancy with every statue they passed out. Not that I had high hopes for the Emmys (more about that here), but it was sort of fun to see how perfectly wrong they got virtually everything. It was almost as if you could see the panel of 76-year-old grandfathers scoring the nominees backstage just behind the curtain. Examples of the irrelevancy on parade: 1. Megan Mullally wins for Will & Grace. Jesus. That show will never die. It has so many Emmys at this point that if you melted them all down and molded them into a ball, you could create a giant, useless sun. 2. The Daily Show beats Colbert Report. Twice. Even Jon Stewart in his acceptance speech said that the Emmy voters had gotten it wrong. But my favorite part about this was that the clip that they showed as an example of The Daily Show's great writing––Jon Stewart reacting to a CNN news clip about Dick Cheney's errant shooting––had no writing in it whatsoever. 3. Steve Carell loses to Tony Shaloub. I like Monk, but Michael Scott is just better. 4. Stephen Colbert loses to Barry Manilow. This is so perfectly wrong that it's almost beautiful. Of course, the Barry Manilow special on PBS is more entertaining than The Colbert Report. Of course. Also, those hard strawberry candies with the jam in the middle are delicious, much better than chocolate. Yes, I'll take some on my way out. Thanks, Grandpa. Any other best/worst moments?

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