As the President touched on in last night’s State of the Union, while our economy is slowly showing signs of improvement, there are still many bros who can’t find full-time jobs, for themselves or their bros. Illustrating that modern every-bro’s lament is Shawn Levy’s timely The Internship, in which longtime movie bros Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson go from #CrushingIt in the taking-people-to-dinner-and-showing-them-wristwatches business, to starting over on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, after John Goodman stops by to make you briefly convinced this movie won’t be terrible.

Unfortunately, as so many middle-aged bros whose snappy patter is based in outdated ‘80s references find out, there are lots of other, younger bros with thicker glasses and who are familiar with the X-Men competing for that same handful of jobs—particularly when they’re at an awesome, idyllic company like Google. Can Vaughn and Wilson overcome their disadvantages of being slightly older, baffled by webcam technology that’s existed for 20 years, and incapable of reading social situations properly? Will they use their bro-moxie to land the Google job that is the dream of all bros? Is Google a really amazing company? You’ll find out on June 7.