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The "Jack Gray" collaboration might actually be happening

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Photo: Nicholas Hunt (Getty Images), Isaac Brekken (Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

For years, the worldwide community of people who think they’re oh so clever has been clamoring for Jack Black and Jack White to acknowledge the fact that they’re both named Jack and have opposite colors for their last names. It was probably funny the first time someone thought of it, but that was over 100 years ago at this point. Still, all anyone wants is for Jacks Black and White to point out that their names are similar, and then maybe start a band together called Jack Gray and bring about world peace like the Wyld Stallyns. Nothing too complex.


The Jacks actually met earlier this summer, when Tenacious D and The Raconteurs had overlapping tours in Europe, but they failed to really address the fact that one of them is Jack Black and the other one is Jack White, which is so fucking important. Luckily, the two apparently made plans to meet back up, as Black and his Tenacious D buddy Kyle Gass recently visited White’s Third Man Records in Nashville. The meeting was immortalized in a video on Black’s YouTube channel, during which they also make a stop at White’s house to record a single. They don’t/can’t film anything in the house, so we don’t know what they recorded or how involved White actually was, but they’re apparently pretty happy with how it turned out.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Jack Black’s YouTube channel is kind of a complex web of wacky gags and weird meta-YouTube humor, so there’s a chance this is all a weird joke and the “Jack Gray” single never comes out. Or maybe White’s involvement will only end up being on the production end and we won’t get to hear the two Jacks jam together. Or maybe “Jack Gray” will be everything we’ve ever dreamed of and it will finally bring meaning to our boring, worthless lives. Who knows. 

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