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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Conspiracy theory says The Simpsons keeps predicting stuff because Matt Groening is a freemason

The Simpsons, when it’s good, is a keen reflection of American pop culture. At its best, however, it also has the eerie ability to portray real-world events years before they come to pass. This last part, as we all know, is due entirely to the fact that series creator Matt Groening is a Freemason who is subtly playing with viewers by leaving small hints as to his true nature throughout the show.


People have noticed Nostragroening’s predictions before, whether in the form of the show’s depiction of Disney’s acquisition of Fox or Trump becoming president, but a video from YouTube’s ChannelFrederator goes deeper into the temporal wormhole. 

It starts off with a quick inventory of some of The Simpsons’ best predictions, which range from the tiger attack that foreshadowed the end of Siegfried and Roy’s career to somehow knowing who would win a Nobel Prize years in advance. More importantly, it also tries to figure out why, exactly, this keeps happening, ultimately concluding that a series with as many throwaway visual gags as The Simpsons, running for as long as it has, is bound to “predict” a few future events along the way or influence cultural trends by being such a well-loved show.


Mentioned briefly in the video is the extremely well-founded theory that Groening’s actually some sort of high-level Freemason and so has been detailing the world’s real truth through symbolism.

There’s no shortage of very grounded, wholly rational videos that expose Groening as the occult visionary that he is. Look at how the show includes hidden symbols (that one video calls the communication system of the Masons) inserted by the shadowy figures, like Groening, who control all mass media. Is there any other explanation for The Simpsons’ predictions than a weirdly complex form of global programming?

ChannelFredarator’s more pedestrian explanations, no matter how logical they may be, are only a distraction of the simple, much more reasonable truth: Matt Groening is part of a secret society with intimate knowledge of all human experience, past, present, and future. After all, the power that comes from belonging to a group capable of making Steve Guttenberg a star cannot be underestimated.

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