You'd never know it, but we're all pretty big fans of the dearly departed HBO show The Wire here at The A.V. Club. Now that the show is off the air for good, we're left clinging to the few remaining scraps of new Wire-related material of any sort: The blooper reels (that aren't really blooper reels) on the new complete series box set, that "Wire Rap Up" video that was on Videocracy the other day, and now, an eerie photo set of the abandoned Wire soundstage.

These photos popped up on the interwebs a couple of days ago, taken by an intrepid Baltimore resident who snuck on to the abandoned set, which is apparently slated for demolition to make way for a supermarket. Granted, when you get down to it, it's really just pictures of garbage, but it's a fun little nostalgia trip for fans—There's McNulty's mailbox!—and a pretty neat set of photos overall. Be warned, there are a couple of spoilers in the captions, so if you're still making your way through the series, make like an illiterate and just look at the pictures.