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The revolution continues in this trailer for season 3 of Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot has gotten a lot of mileage out of its unreliable narrator and weird twists, so when its second season ended with protagonist Elliot getting shot, the question wasn’t so much whether he’d survive or how the show would get out of the storyline, but what the whole thing meant. This trailer for season three of Mr. Robot seems to answer the easy questions pretty quickly—he survived, unless this is all some coma dream—but it’s a bit less forthcoming with some of the deeper questions. The show itself might not even get around to answering those, but what this trailer does have is a lot of ominous voiceover and a very clear indication that Elliot still is in way over his head.

This trailer debuted on The Hollywood Reporter, which also has some new character posters. They depict most of the cast looking off to one side, but Christian Slater’s Mr. Robot and Grace Gummer’s Dom are both looking at the camera. Is it a coincidence, or is it a clue that there’s a second Tyler Durden running around on this show?


We’ll have a better idea when Mr. Robot returns to USA on October 11.

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