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The Scariest Story Ever Told Involves CBS, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ghost Whisperer, the emotional, ghost-feeling CBS drama where James Van Praagh is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, recently held a contest on YouTube where viewers could submit videos of themselves telling scary stories. The result? A kind of YouTube madlibs video called The Scariest Story Ever Told.

Not surprisingly, the story isn't actually scary–unless you're frightened by predictable narratives, disjointed storytelling, Jay Mohr's continued smirky existence, and the poorly-lit video diaries of Ghost Whisperer watchers, in which case, it's pretty terrifying.

Of course, the woman in the boa is pretty creepy too.

While I applaud Ghost Whisperer's attempt at creative, user-generated commercials, if they really wanted to creep people out they should have just made a video montage of all the photos on James Van Praagh's website. His mustache follows you where ever you go.


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