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The trailer for South Park’s 21st season 'members when it wasn’t all about politics

It’s pretty much impossible to make a trailer for the new season of a TV show where every episode is frantically pieced together days before it airs. So instead of a barrage of new clips hyping South Park’s upcoming 21st season, Comedy Central has shared a manic music video of full of scenes from the past several seasons, set to Cartman’s rendition of the Montell Jordan classic “This Is How We Do It.” There’s a ton of celebrity parodies, partying, barfing, and cartoon dicks, but, as promised, a noticeable lack of politics. Between Cartman insisting that this is how they do it on Wednesday night and the nostalgia-inducing Memberberries showing up several times, the whole clip seems to scream, “Hey, remember when South Park was just gross and obnoxious and didn’t spend an entire season on—shudder—politics? Well, we’re going back to those good old days!”

Season 21 of South Park premieres on Comedy Central on September 13.


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