In the grand tradition of Game Of Thrones and Westworld, HBO has released some preview images ahead of the Fahrenheit 451 movie that will premiere in the spring. Based on Ray Bradbury’s book of the same name, the HBO movie will star Michael B. Jordan as conflicted fireman Montag and Michael Shannon as decidedly non-conflicted fireman Beatty, and over the summer HBO released a photo of them torching something up real good. Now, the premium cable network has shared a few more photos, giving us some additional glimpses of the fact-hating world that these guys live in.

Above you can see Montag, sitting on a bed and staring deeply into a little flame. He’s probably thinking about how much it sucks that his job involves burning books, even though books sometimes have cool stories about dragons and ice zombies. (It’s a crossover with another HBO series.)

(Photo: Michael Gibson/HBO)

Here’s Beatty, rigidly standing in front of some fireman mementos while he thinks about how much he loves burning books. They sometimes have information that teaches you about the world, which is bad for an oppressive government that wants to keep its citizens docile with cool TV shows about dragons and ice zombies. (Whoa, subtle commentary!)

(Photo: Michael Gibson/HBO)


Here’s Sofia Boutella, playing a woman named Clarisse and thinking about The Mummy. (She was in The Mummy earlier this year.) It might be a spoiler to say how she feels about books, as her character in the original story definitely has an opinion of them, but let’s just say that she’d probably rather learn about a dragon than watch a mind-numbing TV show about one.

Fahrenheit 451 will premiere on HBO later this year.