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This season of The Office will be its last

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Finally saying out loud what many have long sensed and/or demanded, Greg Daniels has confirmed that the next season of The Office will be its last, assuaging any lingering fears that the show was hoping to just keep going like this. Daniels—whose return to the series he described as "the last chance to make an artistic ending for the show"—made the announcement on a conference call, during which he also let out a few details on the upcoming season that could be considered spoilers, should you have any remaining vested interest in plot details on The Office.

Among them: "more drama in the Jim and Pam storyline;" a more aggressive, Outward Bound-trained Andy tormenting Nellie; a return from Roy, who invites Jim and Pam to his wedding; and the addition of the previously announced Clark Duke and also Jake Lacy as two twentysomething pals "hired to go through the 4,000-plus unanswered customer complaint voicemails" after Mindy Kaling's Kelly leaves. Perhaps most intriguing of all, the audience is finally "going to see who's behind the documentary," setting up the potential for all sorts of theorizing. Is it aliens? We're going to guess "aliens."