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Thor's still working on a non-embarrassing team name in the new Ragnarok teaser

The promotional materials for Thor: Ragnarok continue to give us pretty much everything we could want from a superhero movie about alien space-Norse gods duking it out: Jeff Goldblum being hammy, Hulk punching giant wolves and fire giants, and Chris Hemsworth affably goofing his way through another turn as the charmingly doofy god of thunder.

The latest spot for the upcoming film—which aired tonight during Thursday Night Football—sees Hemsworth’s hammer-wielding hero completely biffing an easy question about what his new superhero team calls itself. Hemsworth’s fumbling—“It’s called…The Revengers?”—is only heightened by the “I can’t help you, buddy” look on Mark Ruffalo’s face; it’s exactly the sort of silliness we needed to confirm that Taiki Waititi’s upcoming film will be as funny as it is bombastic and gods-smashingly loud.


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